PSA: How long have you been the Music Director for PYSO?

Jack: 6 Years

PSA: What is your favorite part of your job?

Jack: My favorite part of PYSO is being able to rehearse and converse with some of the most fun and intellectual young people I know. It is also very rewarding to see when a student finally lets themselves “feel” music.

PSA: Tell me about the American String Teachers Competition and why it is so unique.

Jack: ASTA is a National Orchestra Festival that is respected for drawing some of the best young musicians in the country. It is special to be recognized as one of those groups as well rewarding to be able to share our music and talent with some of the best string educators in the country.

PSA: When you were young, what sparked your interest in music?

Jack: I was in PYSO from 1983-1985 as a violinist. I was inspired by my Jr. High music teacher, Rosemarie Krovoza to become a music teacher.

PSA: What kind of music inspires you? Who are your musical heroes?

Jack: Music with expression and passion! My heroes are the everyday music educators that bring music to life in the hearts of young people.

PSA: How do you get Middle School kids to play great orchestral music?

Jack: First, by showing them they can. Then by giving them inspiration to do the very best they can. Sometimes the inspiration comes from within and sometimes it comes from wanting to perform well on a trip, or a concert.

PSA: What’s your vision/hope for the future of PYSO?

Jack: My hope is that PYSO will continue to train the music lovers of tomorrow and bring a life changing educational experience through music to young people.

PYSO’s next concert takes place on May 16th at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. 3pm. Admission is FREE.

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